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In the Global Filters widget, some filters are always visible, and some are in a collapsible widget. You can configure the filters appearing in that widget.

To configure placement of global filters:

  1. In the Global Filters widget, click settings. The Show/Hide Filters pop-up displays.
  2. Click the chevron_rightnext to the field in the Hidden Filters column to move it into the Selected Filters column. Filters in the Selected Filters column display under the Global Filters widget on the CMS Search page.

    Global filters set.png
    Setting the Global Filters

  3. Click the chevron_left next to a filter name in the Selected Filters column to move them to the Hidden Filters column. Filters in the Hidden Filters column are still available in the More Filters or Less Filters widgets.
  4. Use the drag_indicator next to a filter to drag and drop it into the desired order. This is the order the filters are displayed in the Global Filters widget.
  5. Click Update.
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