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Creating an auxiliary dictionary

Brightspot comes with spell-check dictionaries for English and Spanish. (Your Brightspot developer can add additional languages.) These dictionaries contain standard words, and Brightspot checks your text against those dictionaries. Words not in those dictionaries are marked as misspelled.

If you use non-standard terminology, such as technical terms or product names, Brightspot marks those terms as misspelled. If you add such terms to an auxiliary dictionary, Brightspot recognizes them as spelled correctly.

Auxiliary dictionaries are specific to your profile’s locale. If you are creating content in US English, you add terms to that locale’s auxiliary dictionary; if you are creating content in Mexican Spanish, you add terms that locale’s auxiliary directory.

To create an auxiliary dictionary:

  1. Click menu> Admin > Sites & Settings > Sites > Global.
  2. Click search, located to the left of more_horiz, and type  Hunspell.
  3. Under Dictionaries, click add_circle_outline, and select Create New.

    Auxiliary Dictionary_1.png Auxiliary Dictionary_1.png

  4. In the Name field, type a name for the dictionary.
  5. From the Locale list, select the language for which the dictionary is applicable.
  6. In the Additional Words list, type a word. Click add to add additional words.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Back.
  9. In the content picker, select the name of the dictionary you created.
  10. Close the content picker.

    Auxiliary Dictionary_2.png Auxiliary Dictionary_2.png

  11. Click Save.

As you type text in various Brightspot fields, words appearing in the dictionaries are not marked as misspelled.

Word in Dictionary 4.0.png Word in Dictionary 4.0.png

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