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Embedding a person promo module

You can embed a person's promo into the rich-text editor. The person promo contains the name, description, job title, and image from the corresponding person's promo; you can customize those elements inside the person promo module.

To embed a person promo module in the rich-text editor:

  1. From the rich-text editor's toolbar, select image > Person Promo.
  2. Using the following table as a reference, complete the fields as needed.
  3. Click Save & Close.

Inserting or modifying an embedded enhancement does not automatically save the enhancement in the asset. Be sure to save or publish the asset containing this embedded enhancement.

Select one of the following:
  • Internal—Person promo is a one-off promo.
  • Shared—Promo is an existing shared person promo. (For information about creating a shared person promo, see Person promo.)
Select one of the available persons. (For information about creating a person, see Person).
Select how a visitor views the person:
  • Same Window/Tab—When a visitor clicks on the person promo, the person appears in the same browser window or tab.
  • New Window/Tab—When a visitor clicks on the person promo, the person appears in a new browser window or tab.
Name, Description, Job Title, Image, Publication, Call To Action Button Text These fields are the same as for shared person promos. For more information, see Person Promo.
Person Promo Enhancement Styles
Template Select one of the available templates for laying out this enhancement.
  • Automatic—If in the Promo field you selected a shared person promo, uses the template associated with that promo. If in the Promo field you selected Internal, uses the first template in the list of available templates.
  • (other)—The templates in the list are those configured for the person promo.
Select one of the following:
  • None—Brightspot aligns the module within the body text using your theme's settings.
  • Custom—Under Choose enhancement alignment, select an alignment. See Enhancement alignment for more information on enhancement placement.

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