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Creating a bulk schedule

This topic explains how to create a bulk schedule.

In order to use the bulk scheduling feature, you must first have the Scheduled Events widget present on your dashboard.

For information on adding widgets to dashboard, see Creating a shared dashboard and Creating a one-off dashboard.

To create a bulk schedule:

  1. In the dashboard’s Scheduled Events widget, click New Schedule.
  2. Add a Name and Description for the schedule.
  3. In the Trigger Date field, select the date and time which the assets will be published.

    Schedules do not need a set trigger date and time to exist. If you do not yet have a set date and time at which the schedule will trigger, you can leave this field blank and return to it later, while continuing to schedule assets as part of it.

    New schedule creation.jpg New schedule creation.jpg
    Creating a new schedule

  4. You now have two options to add assets to your schedule.
    • Click Start Scheduling to be entered into bulk-scheduling mode.

      Once in bulk-scheduling mode, a banner appears at the top of the page. Any assets you work on and schedule are placed into this bulk schedule.

      Bulk schedule banner.jpg Bulk schedule banner.jpg
      Banner showing the user is in bulk-schedule mode

    • Click add_circle_outline Add Item and use the content picker to search for and add items to the schedule.
      If, after adding an asset to your schedule, you decide you do not want to include it, click Unschedule to remove it from the list.
      New schedule add assets from pop up.jpg New schedule add assets from pop up.jpg
      Adding assets to the new schedule
    • Click Start Scheduling. This saves the assets you have added to the new schedule and takes you into bulk-scheduling mode. From here, you can continue to create new assets and add them to this schedule.
  5. To exit bulk-scheduling mode, click Stop Scheduling in the banner at the top of the page.
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