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Configuring asset expiration emails

If you assigned an expiration date to an asset request, Brightspot can send an email to subscribers with an indication of the upcoming expiration date. The email gives the subscribers a chance to update their own content as necessary. This section describes how to configure such emails.

To configure an email for an asset expiration:

  1. Click menu > Admin > Sites & Settings.
  2. Under Sites, select the site for which you want to configure the email, or select Global to configure the email for all sites. The Edit Site or Edit Global widget appears.
  3. Under Main, under DAM Asset Expiration Settings, do the following:

    1. In the Email From Address field, enter the email’s “From” address, such as
    2. In the Email Subject Prefix field, enter the email’s subject line, such as Upcoming Asset Expiration.
    3. In the Email Body Footer, enter the text that appears after the listing of expiring assets.
    4. In the Upcoming Expiration Days field, enter the number of days before expiration that Brightspot sends the email.
  4. Click Save.

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