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Moving assets through a workflow

If your site uses a workflow to publish its content, you must move your assets through the proper statuses to complete this workflow and get your asset published.

To move your asset to the next step in your site's workflow, click Workflow.

Workflow button.png
Workflow button

This expands the workflow menu to allow you to make the necessary selections to move your asset to the next step in the process.

Workflow option.png
Workflow options menu

For example in the image above, this site has an editorial step as its next step after creating an asset. Here, you must select the name of an editor (or editors) to review your asset. Once you select the name(s), click Submit to transfer the asset to the next step. The editor(s) you assigned this asset to receive a notification that they have an asset to review. They then review the asset and reject it (where it comes back to you to be fixed), or pass it along to the next step.

The steps and processes for your site will vary, so it is important to work with your coworkers to understand any workflows your site has in place.

Another place you will see custom statuses is on the search page.

Custom statuses in search.png
Custom status options in search field

When the status menu is expanded, you see the standard statuses of Published, Archived, and Draft but you also see several others. The other statuses you see are related to workflows that have been set up on that site. As assets proceed through a workflow, you can search on assets in any particular status.

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