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Accessing production guides

Production guides are series of field descriptions that exist on pages inside of Brightspot to provide contextual help to writers as they create content. Production guides can be used to provide granular instructions to editors about fields, such as:

  • Whether the field is optional.
  • How many characters the field supports.
  • Strategic guidance on tense, word usage, and more.
  • General information about the fields included on the page.

Production guide descriptions are shared; they appear in context with the field they describe, no matter where that field appears. For example, a description you write about a Headline field for an article will persist when viewing the production guide for a listicle, since the listicle also contains the Headline field.

To access production guides:

  1. From the header, click help. A panel appears on the right that provides descriptions of the fields that appear on the page you are viewing.
Production guides example.png
An example of production guides available on a content edit page

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