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Creating a one-off module

One-off modules are embedded in a single, containing asset. (If you want to use the same module in multiple assets, consider using a shared module. For details, see Creating a shared module.)

To create a one-off module:

  1. Search for and open the asset in which you want to create a one-off module.
  2. In the content edit form, click Contents > Add Module or Content > Replace > Add Module (what you click depends on the containing content type).

    Contents > Add Module example
    Contents > Add Module example
    Contents > Replace > Add Module example
    Contents > Replace > Add Module example
  3. In the module picker, click the type of module you want to create.
    Add pop-up listing available modules
    Add pop-up listing available modules
    You can use the module picker's search field to quickly find a specific module or style. For details, see Searching for shared modules in the module picker.
    You return to the content edit form that now contains a widget for the module you selected.
  4. Complete the form for the module.
  5. Complete your site's workflow and publish the asset.

For descriptions of a particular module's fields, see the corresponding topic under Modules. For example, for descriptions of the fields you configure for a dynamic list, see Creating a dynamic list.

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