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Delivery methods

A delivery method is the method by which you receive a message. If you are familiar with two-factor authentication, you already know about delivery methods. For example, if you activated two-factor authentication for your email or social networking accounts, you might see a response similar to the following after logging in:

Delivery method example Delivery method example

In the previous illustration, there are two delivery methods: text message and email.

Brightspot periodically runs through the messages in the various topics, determines which editors want to receive those messages, and sends the messages using the required delivery method. For example, referring to the illustration "Overview of Notifications"—

  • Harrison receives messages from the publishing topic over the text-message delivery method.
  • Olivia receives messages from the conversation topic over the email delivery method.
  • Alma receives messages from the translation topic over the browser delivery method.

The following sections describe the available delivery methods and how to configure them.

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