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Creating an editorial content type

This topic explains how to create an editorial content type in Brightspot.

To create an editorial content type:

  1. Click menu > Admin > Content Types.
  2. In the Content Types widget, click New.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for this content type.
  4. From the Sites list, select the site to which this content type applies, or leave blank to apply it to all sites.
  5. Assign an icon to the content type by doing the following (if you do not assign an icon, Brightspot uses add_circle_outline):
    1. Identify the icon you want to use from the list of material icons at Icons - Google Fonts.
    2. In the Icon field, enter the name of the icon you selected. Use only lower-case letters, and replace any spaces with an underscore. Brightspot provides a preview of the icon, indicating you entered the icon name correctly. See the following example.

      Material icon in Google Fonts Material icon in Google Fonts
      Original Material Icon name
      Material icon preview Material icon preview
      Material Icon name in Brightspot and confirmation preview
  6. Toggle Embedded to allow this editorial content type to be embedded in other content types.
  7. Under Items, click add_circle_outline, and select one of the field types.
  8. Complete the form for the selected field type. (The following sections describe how to configure the available field types.)
  9. Repeat steps 6–7 to add additional fields.
  10. Rearrange the fields by dragging them into the order you want them to appear in the content edit form.
  11. Click Save.

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