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Adding fields to search results

Brightspot lists the retrieved assets with a standard set of fields. You can add or remove fields from the listing.

Search panel column summary fields

The previous illustration shows how the search panel displays column and summary fields.

  • Column fields appear in columns across the search panel.
  • Summary fields appear within each result in the search panel.

To add fields to search results:

  1. Select the content type from the Global Filters widget for which you would like to configure the search results page.

    Select content type for search fields.png
    Set the content type to configure search result fields

  2. In the search panel, click Select Fields. The Show/Hide Fields pop-up displays.

    Add fields to search results 4.5
    Show/Hide Fields pop-up

  3. Select to modify the Columns shown on the search results page, or the Summary data shown on the search results page, by clicking the appropriate tab.
  4. Under Hidden Fields, type all or part of a field’s name. As you type, Brightspot filters the list of hidden fields.
  5. To add a field to the Selected Fields list, click chevron_right next to a field name in the Hidden Fields list.
  6. To remove a field from the Selected Fields list, click chevron_left next to a field name in the Selected Fields list.
  7. To modify the order of the fields in the Selected Fields list, click drag_indicator next to a field name, and drag it to the desired order.
  8. Click Update once you have the fields added, and in the appropriate order, in the Selected Fields list.

The Show/Hide Fields pop-up closes, and you return to the listing of retrieved assets with the new fields appearing. Now, every time you search on that content type, the fields you selected are displayed.

Content type with fields shown.png
Newly added fields shown for selected content type
Certain fields are shown by default based on the action you are performing. For instance, if you are searching on multiple content types, the Type field automatically shows. These fields do not show in the Show/Hide Fields > Selected Fields list, but are visible on the search results page. For example, in the image above, the Update Date and Label field shown, but not present in the Selected Fields list.

Once you have the fields set for your search results, you can sort by which ever field you would like.

To sort retrieved assets:

  • From the Sort list, select the field by which you want to sort the listing of retrieved assets.
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