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Large rich-text editor toolbar

The large rich-text editor toolbar is the default configuration that includes all rich-text elements and typically exists as the body field in asset types like article or listicle.

The following features are available in the large rich-text editor toolbar:

  • Formatting: Includes bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, superscript, subscript, and clear formatting.
  • Alignment: Includes left, center, and right.
  • Lists: Includes bullets, numeric, right indent, and left indent.
  • Hyperlink: Supports internal or external links.
  • Block quote: Includes Text and Attribution fields.
  • Format: Supports subhead font size.
  • Embed: Supports embedding of either HTML or Iframe module inside the rich-text editor.
  • Pull quote: Includes Text and Attribution fields, both of which are tiny rich-text editors.
  • Paperclip: Adds a shared attachment (like a document, spreadsheet, or presentation).
  • Media: Supports the inclusion of the following items in the rich-text editor:

    • Image: Adds a shared image. Includes Alt Text, Caption, and Credit fields.
    • Gallery: Includes Title Override tiny rich-text editor field and an Items field that determines which images appear. The Items field has the following options:

      • Basic: Adds shared or one-off images.
      • Advanced: Adds shared or one-off images and determine whether they appear in a list view or grid view.
      • Use Existing: Uses an existing gallery.
      • Dynamic: Uses a number of options to create a dynamically populated gallery, such as the following:

        • Items Per Page: Determines the number of items per page.
        • Sort: Can be sorted by Newest, Oldest, or by Relevance.
        • Pinned Items: Allows some images to be pinned. These images may be shared or added as one-off images. If shared, you may input Title, Alt Text, Caption, and Credit, the latter two of of which are represented by small rich-text editors. You may also choose whether pinned items are presented in a list view or a grid view.
        • Time Period: Limits the gallery to images published within a determined number of days.
        • Sites: Determines which sites the gallery can pull images from.
        • Include All Locales: Toggles on or off whether all languages are supported.
        • Tags: Includes tags whose associated images are included in the gallery.
    • List (Pages): Includes an existing list of pages in the rich-text editor.
    • Playlist: Includes an existing playlist in the rich-text editor.
    • Video: Includes an existing video in the rich-text editor. The following fields are available:

      • Title: Tiny rich-text editor that auto-populates with the title of the existing video, but you may overwrite this field.
      • Hide Title: Determines whether title is hidden from view.
      • Description: Small rich-text editor field that you can use to enter a description for the video.
      • Hide Description: Determines whether the description is hidden from view.
      • Thumbnail Image: Auto-populates with the thumbnail of the video. You can overwrite this image by selecting a shared image.
      • Poster Image: Auto-populates with the poster image of the video. You can overwrite this image by selecting a shared image.
    • Embed: Embeds a URL, and includes Maximum Width and Maximum Height fields.
  • Table: Inserts a table.
  • Custom Keyboard: Opens a custom keyboard with Unicode characters.
  • Track Changes: Toggles track changes on or off. If on, the following options appear in the rich-text editor: Accept Changes, Reject Changes, Accept All, Reject All, and Preview.
  • Comments: Toggles comment mode on or off. If toggled on, you may type comments into the rich-text editor, which will be visible on the back end but will not appear on front end.
  • Ellipsis: Hides comments in the rich-text editor.
  • X: Available when comments are toggled on. An undo button that deletes most recent comment added to the rich-text editor.
  • Left-facing arrow: Click to undo an action.
  • Right-facing arrow: Click to redo an action.
  • Magnifying Glass: Opens word search. Includes ellipsis that opens a replace function, enabling a find and replace function for words or phrases.
  • Square: Opens a full-screen rich-text editing interface.
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