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Pinning assets in search results

In a typical search scenario, visitors enter keywords in a search field, and Brightspot retrieves the assets that best match the keywords. You can customize the order in which the search results display for visitors by pinning specific assets into specific positions.

Pinned search results
Search results pinned in positions two and five

Referring to the previous illustration, Brightspot returns six assets matching the search term CMS. After pinning, the assets in positions two and five will always appear in those positions when a visitor searches on CMS.

To pin assets in search results:

  1. Ensure you already created the following:
  2. Click menu > Search > Term Search Results.
  3. In the Create widget, click New Term Search Results.
    create new term search result
    Creating a term search result
  4. From the Term list, select one of the available terms.
  5. From the Search list, select the site search page to which the pinned assets apply.
  6. In the editorial toolbar, click Save. Under Results, Brightspot lists the assets that naturally match the selected term.

    Natural retrieval for a search term
    Natural retrieval for a search term

  7. Under Results, in each of the available positions, do the following:
    1. Click expand_more to open the cluster.
    2. From the Item list, select one of the following:
      • Dynamic Search Result (Placeholder)—The result in this position is the natural result based on Brightspot's search algorithm, accounting for any pinned results above it.
      • Referenced Search Result Item—The result in this position is an asset you select.
        Natural and pinned search results
        Search results, one natural and one pinned
  8. Click Save.

Brightspot adjusts the retrieval listing.

  • The natural position of an asset is changed accounting for pinned assets above it. For example, if Asset A naturally appears in the third position, and there is one pinned asset above it, then Asset A appears in the fourth position.
  • Pinned assets are removed from the natural listing. For example, if Asset B naturally appears in position five, but you pinned it in position four, then Asset B does not appear in the natural listing.

Removing all pinned search results

You can remove all pinned assets from search results by archiving the corresponding term search results.

To remove all pinned search results:

  1. Click menu > Search > Term Search Results.
  2. In the search panel, click the term search results you want to remove.
  3. In the editorial toolbar, click more_horiz > Archive.
    Archiving term search results
    Archiving term search results
  4. In the confirmation prompt, click OK.

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