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Republishing from draft

If you need to substantially update a published asset, it may be more efficient to return to a previous draft than to start an entirely new draft.

When you republish from a previous draft, Brightspot temporarily removes the published asset from your site, and visitors will not be able to view the asset. Visitors will be able to see the asset after you publish the new version.

How to republish from a draft:

  1. Search for and open the asset in the content edit page.
  2. In the Revisions widget, select one of the versions labeled Draft.

    Revisions Widget Past Drafts.png Revisions Widget Past Drafts.png

  3. Click save. Brightspot creates a new draft in the Revisions widget, and retains the new draft in the content edit form.
  4. Under Edit, modify the asset.
  5. Click Publish.

Brightspot publishes the new version that visitors now see.

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