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With the site-search analytics plugin, you have visibility into those terms visitors are searching for on your website. You can use site-search analytics to address the following scenarios:

  • Visitor interest—The site-search analytics widget lists the terms visitors are searching for on your site. This gives you insight into what their interests are, so you can develop additional content to address those interests; it also illustrates what topics do not interest visitors.
  • Missing content—The site-search analytics widget reports that visitors are searching for certain terms, but there is no content associated with those terms. This shows that you need to develop new content to address those interests.
  • Timing of search counts—You run a radio advertisement for your site with an announcement “Are there UFO landing sites near you? Go to, and search for crop circles.” If the site-search analytics widget reports a spike in searches for “crop circles” shortly after that advertisement, you have a good indication of the ad’s impact.

Configuring Site-Search Analytics

To configure site-search analytics:

  1. Click menu > Admin > Sites & Settings.
  2. Select a site with which you want to use site-search analytics.
  3. Add the Site Search Results Widget to your users’ dashboards. For details about adding widgets to dashboards, see Shared dashboard.
    Site search in custom dashboard
  4. Click Save.

Brightspot adds a Site Search Queries widget to the dashboard.

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Viewing site-search statistics

You can view statistics for site searches—terms for which visitors are searching on your site.

To view site-search analytics:

  1. In your dashboard, scroll to the Site Search Queries widget. For an explanation of the columns in this widget, see the following table Columns in Site Search Queries widget.
  2. From the leftmost list, select the time period for which you want to view site-search statistics.
    Site-search statistics
    Site search queries widget
  3. From the rightmost list, select the number of terms you want to view in the widget.
  4. Click the term to view analytics for the items associated with the term (see the following table "Columns in Site Search Term Analytics widget").
  5. To perform additional analysis with a spreadsheet application, download the statistics by clicking Export CSV.
    Site search terms analytics

The following table describes the columns in the Site Search Queries widget.

Columns in Site Search Queries widget

Search TermTerms visitors search for in your site’s search field.
Search CountNumber of times visitors searched for the search term.
# Search ResultsNumber of items in your site that are associated with the search term.

Columns in Site Search Term Analytics widget

Search ResultItems associated with the term you clicked in the Site Search Queries widget.
ClicksNumber of times visitors arrived at the item from your site’s search results page.
SpotlightPromo that appears with the item when a visitor arrives at the item from your site’s search results page.