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Configuring site-level review cycles

Review cycles is an extension to Brightspot. To include this feature in your own Brightspot project, see the build instructions in the corresponding file.

Review cycles you configure at the site level are defaults for the content types you specify. For example, for the site Brightspot , you can specify a default review every four weeks for articles and every eight weeks for galleries.

Before performing this procedure, read Review-cycle timelines to become familiar with the durations that comprise a review cycle.

To configure a site-level review cycle:

  1. Click menu > Admin > Sites & Settings.
  2. In the Sites widget, select the site for which you want to configure a review cycle, or select Global to configure a review cycle for all sites.
  3. Expand CMS > Review Cycle Settings.
  4. From the Settings list, select Set.
    1. To configure cycle durations, do the following:
      1. Under Content Types, click add_circle_outline Add Content Type Map.
      2. From the Content Type list, select one of the available content types.
      3. From the Cycle Duration list, select one of the available durations, or select Create New and create a new duration.
      4. Repeat steps a–c to configure cycle durations for other content types.
    2. To display a banner in the content edit form indicating an asset is within a warning window, in the Banner Warning Notification field, do one of the following:
      • Select one of the available durations.
      • Select Create New and create a new duration.
      • Click search to search for a duration.
    3. To configure the warning durations when Brightspot sends notifications regarding review cycles, do the following:
      1. Expand Notification Settings.
      2. From the Notification Warning Times list, click add_circle_outline and select one of the warning times, or select Create New and create a new warning time.
      3. Repeat step b) to add additional notification warning times.
    4. Click Save.

    The following illustration is an example of a site-level review cycle.

    Review cycle settings example Review cycle settings example
    Review cycle settings example

    Referring to the previous diagram—

    1. The cycle duration for live blogs is 10 days.
    2. Banners start appearing in the content edit forms seven days before a review is due.
    3. Brightspot sends notifications about the upcoming review seven days before it is due.
    4. Brightspot again sends notifications about the upcoming review three days before it is due.
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