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Using the bulk workflow function

You can migrate multiple assets simultaneously through a workflow. The following procedure applies to assets that are already in a workflow; they cannot be in a workflow's New status.

To migrate multiple assets simultaneously through a workflow:

  1. Using the main search field, search for the assets you want to migrate in bulk through a workflow.
  2. Select the assets you want to migrate through the workflow by clicking the checkbox next to their names.

    Bulk Workflow 1.png

  3. Click more_horiz and click ​Bulk Workflow Selected​.

    Bulk Workflow 2.png

  4. From the Workflow Options page, select the next step in the workflow to which you want these assets to be migrated.

    Bulk Workflow 3.png

  5. From the Confirm Bulk Workflow page, click ​Confirm Bulk Send [name of workflow step]​.

    Bulk Workflow 4.png

  6. You are taken back to the Workflow Options page where you can continue to migrate these assets through the workflow, or you can exit out of the workflow and continue with other work in Brightspot.
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