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Understanding search panel views

The search panel provides different views of search results depending on the retrieved content types. This topic provides an overview of the different types of views and how they can be used.

List view

List view displays the retrieved assets as a list with columns of fields. This view is available for all content types. The following illustration is an example of list view.
List view List view
List view
You can customize the columns appearing in list view. For details, see Adding fields to search results.

Grid view

Grid view displays previews of the retrieved assets. This view is available for content types that have a preview image, such as images and attachments. The following illustration is an example of grid view.
Grid view Grid view
Grid view

Mixed view

Mixed view is a combination of list and grid views. The assets with a preview appear in the grid, and other assets appear in the list. The following illustration is an example of a mixed view with images in a grid and authors in a list.
Mixed view Mixed view
Mixed view

Taxonomy view

Taxonomy view is a view that makes it easier to view a large number of tags or sections. Assets appear in a hierarchical view, allowing you to dig further down and understand any relationships. The following illustration is an example of a taxonomy view with tags:
Tag Heirarchy Tag Heirarchy

Board view

Board view groups results by a field. For example, you can view articles grouped by section or assignments grouped by editor. The following illustration is an example of board view with articles grouped by section.
Board view Board view
Board view
You can update assets in board view by dragging and dropping them between columns. Referring to the previous illustration, the article Webinar insights: SEO trends in 2021 and beyond is in the section Industry Trends. You can change that asset's section by dragging it to the Media column.

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