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Configuring localized static text to restrict types of objects in fields

You can configure localized static text to restrict content types that are able to be used in reference fields. This is helpful for editors who want to make changes to the Brightspot UI. This topic contains an example of how to restrict editors to adding only Attachment List modules to the Content field in the Page content type.

Restricting object type example.png

To configure localized static text to restrict types in fields:

  1. Follow steps 1–5a in Configuring localized static text.
  2. In the Name field, enter the fully qualified class name of the view you are localizing. For this example, enter brightspot/genericpage/GenericPage.
    To find fully-qualified class names in Brightspot, for the sake of making other restrictions in a similar manner, see Providing field data to developers.
  3. Under Entries, click add_circle_outline.
  4. In the Key field, enter the key for the static text you are localizing. For this example, enter field.contents.groups.
  5. In the Value field, enter the localized text. For this example, enter the object type to which you want to restrict the field. For this example, enter brightspot.module.list.attachment.inline.AttachmentListModulePlacementInline. Your form should look similar to the following:
    Localized static text to restrict object types.png
  6. Click Save.

Brightspot then restricts the type of objects that can be added to the field you input.

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