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Brightspot can send you a notification when certain events occur, such as when someone publishes an asset or completes a translation.

Overview of Brightspot notifications

During the course of a day, thousands of events occur throughout Brightspot. Editors publish assets, comment on assets, complete assignments, edit graphics, and much more. For each event, Brightspot can emit a message, and editors can retrieve those messages over email, text messaging, or other messaging platform.

Because there are so many different types of messages, Brightspot organizes them into the following topics:

  • Assignment Desk—Includes messages about new or updated assignments and pitches.
  • Conversation—Includes messages about conversations containing editors' names.
  • Publish—Includes messages about publishing, such as when an asset is pushed to a web server for visitors to view.
  • Translation—Includes messages about translation jobs, such as when a translation starts, ends, or fails due to an error.
  • Workflow—Includes messages triggered when assets transition through a workflow.

Editors create subscriptions to these topics, specifying for each desired delivery methods. For example—

  • Harrison creates a subscription for publishing articles to the site via text message.
  • Olivia creates a subscription for receiving notifications via email when she is mentioned in a conversation.
  • Alma creates a subscription for translation jobs that fail via browser notification.

The following diagram is an example of the relationship between events, topics, and subscriptions.

Notification overview

Brightspot periodically runs a job that delivers the message to the subscribers using the requested delivery method. Brightspot removes a message from the queue after each subscriber received the message or failed to receive the message after a certain number of attempts. The messages stay in the queue until purged by another job.

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