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Viewing item-level analytics

You can view the page views for an item.

To view item-level analytics:

  1. Search for and open the item on the content edit page.
  2. Scroll down and expand Analytics.
  3. Click the time bucket for which you want to view analytics.

    Analytics time buckets

  4. If the item you opened is a video, the content edit page includes two additional widgets:

    • Watch Funnel—Indicates the number of views as a percentage of video length in 10-percent increments.

      Watch funnel

    • Watch Time—Indicates watch time by time of day, and average view duration, in minutes.

      Watch time

The following table describes the data series appearing in the Analytics widget.

Data series in the Analytics widget

Average time on page Average amount of time visitors spend on the page during a session. For more information, see GA avg time on page column.
Bounces Number of times a visitor viewed the page and did not interact with it further. For example, a visitor loads a page and did not click on any of the links on that page. For more information, see Bounce rate.
Entrances Number of times the page started a session on your site. For more information, see Difference between Entrances and Sessions.
Exit rate (percent) Percentage of the page's views that are the last in a session. For more information, see Exit Rate vs. Bounce Rate.
Page value The page's average value as a function of landing on one of your goal pages or before making a purchase. For more information, see How Page Value is calculated.
Page views Number of times the page was successfully loaded in a browser or device.
Unique page views Number of the page's views generated by the same visitor in the same session. For more information, see The difference between Google Ads Clicks, and Sessions, Users, Entrances, Pageviews, and Unique Pageviews in Analytics.
The following fields appear if you open a video in the content edit page:
Video Impressions Number of times the video was successfully loaded in a player on a page or device.
Video Starts Number of times the video began playback.
Video Views Number of times the video playback lasted at least three seconds.
Unique Video Views Number of unique playbacks lasting more than three seconds. A unique view is a unique device-user-browser combination.

Analytics widget for video

You can toggle metrics on and off in the Analytics widget by clicking the metric name listed along the bottom of the widget. This can help reduce clutter and show you only the data you want to see at that time.

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