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Bulk editing content templates

If multiple content templates exist for the same content type (such as article), you can bulk edit these content templates at one time.

To bulk edit multiple content templates:

  1. Click menu > Admin > Content Templates.
  2. Click search in the Content Templates widget in the left navigation bar to open the content templates search panel.

    You can use the search filters to pare down the list to only those content templates you are looking for.

    Content template search icon.jpg Content template search icon.jpg
    Content templates search icon

  3. Expand Template Type, in the Content Template Filters area, and select the content type associated with the content templates you want to edit.
    Content templates template type field.jpg Content templates template type field.jpg
    Select a Template Type
    You must select a Template Type or you will not have the bulk edit options available for your selected content templates.
  4. Select the content templates you want to edit.
  5. Click more_horiz in the upper-right corner of the search panel and select Bulk Edit.
    Content templates bulk edit link.jpg Content templates bulk edit link.jpg
    Select content templates and click Bulk Edit
  6. From the Bulk Edit pop-up, make any changes needed to the content templates selected. The fields available to change are based on the Template Type you chose.
    Please note that any changes you make on the Bulk Edit pop-up will affect all of the content templates you selected on the search panel.
    In the image below, you can see three content templates had their sites replaced to all be available only on the Brightspot site, and these content templates have been made the default content template for articles on that site.
    Content templates bulk edit pop up.jpg Content templates bulk edit pop up.jpg
    Bulk Edit pop-up with changes made
  7. Click Bulk Save.

    The Bulk Edit Status pop-up shows the results of your edits. If any failures occur, they are noted in this pop-up.

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