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Dictionaries, terms, and spotlights

By configuring dictionaries, terms, and spotlights, you can highlight assets on your site when visitors use search. For example, if you have a dictionary named Holiday sale that includes the term gift, you can create a spotlight that highlights an article called Top 10 holiday gifts whenever a visitor's search query includes the term gift.

  • Dictionary—An organization of terms around a common idea or purpose (for example, Holiday sale, GraphQL, or Advertising). Dictionaries can be created and saved in Brightspot.
  • Term—A component of a dictionary that returns a spotlight in search results (for example, gift, API, or demo).
  • Spotlight—A highlighted asset that Brightspot returns after you map it to a term (for example, Top 10 holiday gifts, Inside Brightspot's GraphQL API, or Top 10 reasons why editors love Brightspot). Spotlights appear as promos in search results.
Spotlight example.png Spotlight example.png

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