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Embedding galleries

Galleries can be embedded directly in the text from the rich-text editor.

Gallery embedded in rte.png
Gallery embedded in the rich-text editor

To embed a gallery:

  1. Place your cursor within the text where you would like the gallery to be placed.
  2. Click image and select Gallery from the available choices.

    The Edit Gallery widget appears.

  3. In the Title field, enter the gallery's title.
  4. In the Items field, select AdvancedDynamic, or Use Existing Gallery.

    For information on embedding an advanced gallery, see Embedding an advanced gallery in the rich-text editor.

    For information on embedding a dynamic gallery, see Embedding a dynamic gallery in the rich-text editor.

    For information on embedding an existing gallery, see Embedding an existing gallery in the rich-text editor.

  5. If you selected Advanced or Dynamic you can select how the elements of your gallery appear in the widget. You can choose from Grid View or List View.

    Grid View displays the images in the Edit Gallery widget in preview mode in a side-by-side grid.

    List View displays the image names in the Edit Gallery Widget stacked in a list.

  6. Expand Enhancement Styles and select your Enhancement Alignment. See Enhancement alignment for more information on enhancement placement.
  7. Click Save & Close.

For more information on galleries, see Galleries.

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