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Pre-publish actions

After composing an asset, editors often need to perform a pre-publish action, such as ensuring the promo, SEO text, and social share descriptions are appropriate.

Scenarios for pre-publish actions

Pre-publish actions prompt editors to perform specific tasks on an asset before actual publication. These actions help promote consistency and quality in a workflow. The following scenarios provide examples of pre-publish actions.

Modifying text for promos, SEO text, and social shares

Every time you create an asset, Brightspot automatically creates its associated promo, SEO text, and social shares. For example, the default promo for an article is comprised of the article's headline and the first paragraph of body text. The default promo may not be attractive enough to catch a visitor's attention, so an editor may want to update it.

Promo description default Promo description default
Default promo description
Promo description override Promo description override
Promo description override

Referring to the previous examples, the left image shows the first paragraph of the body text, and that paragraph is the default promo description. This paragraph has 53 words and has a lot of detail—arguably not enticing enough for a visitor to read the text or click on the promo's link to read the actual article. In contrast, the right image shows how an editor recomposed the promo description using language that is more audience appropriate in the context of a promo. This example shows how tailoring a promo is an important pre-publishing action. The same is true for SEO text and sharing on social networks.

Verifying sections and tags

Associating an asset with a section or tag is important for content discovery. Some publishers use sections and tags to automatically populate lists of promos, and visitors who search by tag or section name receive results with the associated assets. Nevertheless, as a deadline approaches, it's easy to forget to populate an asset's section or tag. With pre-publish actions, Brightspot prompts editors to verify the section and tag fields are correctly populated.

This feature can be customized to meet your use case.

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