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Rich-text editor keyboard shortcuts

The following table lists some of the keyboard shortcuts available in the editing area. (Your version of Brightspot may have different keyboard shortcuts.)

Action Shortcut (Windows) Shortcut (Mac) Shortcut (Linux)
Select all. Ctrl-A ⌘-A Ctrl-A
Select one character to the right. Shift-Right ⇧-Right Shift-Right
Select one character to the left. Shift-Left ⇧-Left Shift-Left
Select to the end of line. Shift-End ⇧-Ctrl-Right Shift-End
Select to beginning of line. Shift-Home ⇧-Ctrl-Left Shift-Home
Select one line down. Shift-Down ⇧-Down Shift-Down
Select one line up. Shift-Up ⇧-Up Shift-Up
Select to end of editing area. Shift-Ctrl-End ⇧-⌘-Down Shift-Ctrl-End
Select to beginning of editing area. Shift-Ctrl-Home ⇧-⌘-Up Shift-Ctrl-Home
Select next word. Shift-Ctrl-Right ⇧-⌥-Right Shift-Ctrl-Right
Select previous word. Shift-Ctrl-Left ⇧-⌥-Left Shift-Ctrl-Left
Select one page down. Shift-PageDown ⇧-PageDown, ⇧-Fn-Down
Select one page up. Shift-PageUp ⇧-PageUp, ⇧-Fn-Up
Move cursor up. Up Up, Ctrl-P Up
Move cursor down. Down Down, Ctrl-N Down
Move cursor left. Left Left, Ctrl-B Left
Move cursor right. Right Right, Ctrl-F Right
Move to beginning of paragraph. Ctrl-A
Move to end of paragraph. Ctrl-E
Move cursor one word to left. Ctrl-Left ⌥-Left Ctrl-Left
Move cursor one word to right. Ctrl-Right ⌥-Right Ctrl-Right
Move cursor to beginning of editing area. Ctrl-Home ⌘-Up Ctrl-Home
Move cursor to end of editing area. Ctrl-End ⌘-Down Ctrl-End
Move cursor to end of line. End ⌘-Right End
Move cursor to beginning of line. Home ⌘-Left Home
Scroll down one page. PageDown PageDown, Fn-Down
Scroll up one page. PageUp PageUp, Fn-Up
Delete beginning of line. ⌘-Delete Ctrl-Shift-Backspace
Delete to end of line. Ctrl-Shift-Delete
Delete to the left. Backspace Delete Backspace
Delete to the right. Delete Ctrl-D Delete
Delete word to right. Ctrl-Delete Ctrl-Delete
Delete word to left. Ctrl-Backspace Ctrl-Backspace
Paragraph alignment
Left Ctrl-Alt-L ⌘-⇧-L Ctrl-Alt-L
Center Ctrl-Alt-E ⌘-⇧-E Ctrl-Alt-E
Right Ctrl-Alt-R ⌘-⇧-R Ctrl-Alt-R
Text Formatting
Bold Ctrl-B ⌘-B Ctrl-B
Italic Ctrl-I ⌘-I Ctrl-I
Underline Ctrl-U ⌘-U Ctrl-U
Strikethrough Ctrl-Alt-X ⌘-⇧-X Ctrl-Alt-X
Superscript Ctrl-Shift-- ⌘-. Ctrl-Shift--
Subscript Ctrl-= ⌘-, Ctrl-=
Clear character formatting Ctrl-Space ⌘-\ Ctrl-Space
Hyperlink Ctrl-K ⌘-K Ctrl-K
Bullets Ctrl-Shift-8 ⌘-⇧-8 Ctrl-Shift-8
Numbers Ctrl-Shift-7 ⌘-⇧-7 Ctrl-Shift-7
Demote list level Ctrl-] Ctrl-]
Promote list level Ctrl-[ Ctrl-[
Line-break inside of list Shift-Enter Shift-Return
Finds in editing area Ctrl-F ⌘-F Ctrl-F
Type raw HTML Ctrl-Shift-C Ctrl-⇧-C Ctrl-Shift-C
Show keyboard with special characters Ctrl-Shift-K ⌘-⇧-K Ctrl-Shift-K
Undo Ctrl-Z ⌘-Z Ctrl-Z
Redo Ctrl-Y ⌘-⇧-Z Ctrl-Y
Pull quote Ctrl-Shift-Q Ctrl-Shift-Q
Image Ctrl-Shift-I Ctrl-⇧-I Ctrl-Shift-I
Gallery Ctrl-Shift-G Ctrl-⇧-G Ctrl-Shift-G
Playlist Ctrl-Shift-P Ctrl-⇧-P Ctrl-Shift-P
Video Ctrl-Shift-V Ctrl-⇧-V Ctrl-Shift-V
Module Ctrl-Shift-M Ctrl-⇧-M Ctrl-Shift-M
Toggle comment insertion Ctrl-Shift-′ Ctrl-⇧-′ Ctrl-Shift-′
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