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Publishing an asset with multiple schedules

You can schedule multiple versions to be published at different dates. For example, you might have an abbreviated version of a story that appears in a weekday edition, and a full-length version of the same story in a weekend edition.

To publish an asset with multiple schedules:

  1. Create or open the asset in the content edit page.
  2. Add a schedule to the asset by doing the following:

    1. In the editorial toolbar, click date_range. A calendar appears.
    2. Select a date and time, then click Set.
    3. Click Schedule.

      Brightspot adds the scheduled version to the Revisions widget.

  3. In the Revisions widget, click Start New Revision.
  4. In the New Revision widget, enter a name for the revision, and click Create.
  5. Modify the revision in the content edit form.
  6. Add a date to the new revision as described in step 2. Brightspot adds the second scheduled date to the Revisions widget, and publishes both revisions at their respective times.
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