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Using The Shelf

By default, The Shelf is collapsed and not visible when you initially open the content edit page.

To use the shelf:

  1. Expand The Shelf by clicking the chevron_rightat the bottom of the content edit page.

    Shelf expand icon .png
    Shelf expand icon

  2. Once The Shelf expands, you see the assets available for use in the content edit form.
  3. Using one of the methods below, select the assets to drag and drop into the desired location in the content edit form.

    • You can choose to drag and drop single assets from The Shelf.
    • You can choose to click the check boxes in the upper right corner of the asset preview to drag multiple assets from The Shelf.
    Moving assets from The Shelf.png
    Dragging content from the shelf

  4. Complete your site's workflow and publish the content.
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