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Merging revisions into a workflow

If you have an asset that is in a workflow, you can update the asset without restarting the workflow. The following scenario provides an example.

Workflow with new revision Workflow with new revision

  1. Adam creates a draft, and sends it to the first status in the workflow Fact Checking.
  2. Olivia takes the draft from Fact Checking, makes a few edits, and advances the draft to Proofreading.
  3. The next day, Adam realizes that he needs to update the draft, so he creates a new revision from it. That revision starts from where Olivia ended.
  4. Adam finishes his new revision, and has two choices:

    • Restart the workflow by advancing the revision to Fact Checking.
    • Continue the workflow by keeping the revision in Proofreading.

To merge a revision into a workflow:

  1. Search for and open the asset in the content edit page.
  2. In the Revisions widget, click Start New Revision. The New Revision widget appears.

    new-revision.png new-revision.png

    1. Type a name for the revision and click Create. Brightspot adds the new revision in the Revisions widget. The new revision is a copy of the latest draft in the workflow.
    2. Modify and save the revision by clicking save. You can compare the new revision with the currently live version (if any) by clicking Compare to Live.
    3. Click Workflow, and in the Workflow widget, click one of the following:

      • Merge with Draft—Brightspot moves the revision to the latest point in the workflow when the revision started.
      • Send to (first workflow status)—Brightspot moves the revision to the first point in the workflow.

        Workflow widget with revision Workflow widget with revision

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