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Creating a site-level content template

Site-level content templates are available to editors working on a specific site.

To create a site-level content template:

  1. Click menu > Admin > Content Templates.
  2. Under Content Templates, click New Content Template.

    Creating a content template Creating a content template
    Creating a content template

  3. In the Name field, type a name for the content template.
  4. If you want the template to apply to specific sites, do the following:
    1. Under Sites, click add_circle_outline.
    2. From the Sites list, select the sites with which you want to associate this content template.
    3. From the Set as default list, select one of the following:
      • Yes—The content template is the default for associated content types for the selected sites.
      • No—The content template is an extra for the selected sites.

      For the difference between default and extra content templates, see Types of content templates.

    If you do not select any sites, the content template is not available until you associate it with a role or user. For details, see Creating a role-level content template and Creating a user-level content template.

  5. From the Template list, select the content type for which you want to create the content template.
  6. In the widgets and fields, enter text and values. When you create a new asset with this content template, Brightspot populates the fields with the text and values.
  7. Click Save.

Referring to the previous image—

  • The content template is available to the site Brightspot.
  • It is the default template for the content type Article.
  • When creating a new article, the headline field is populated with Update.

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