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Pre-publishing actions

Performing pre-publish actions

In standard versions of Brightspot 4.5.3 or later, pre-publish actions are available if the asset has default descriptions for promos, SEO text, or social-networking share.

You can use pre-publish actions as prompts for other parts of an asset's workflow, such as those described in the section "Scenarios for pre-publish actions" in Pre-publishing actions. To implement pre-publish actions for your organization's processes, contact your Brightspot representative.

To override default descriptions before publication:

  1. Create the asset, and then click Publish. The Before You Publish widget appears.

    Pre-publishing actions widget

  2. In the Before You Publish widget, expand the accordions and modify the text for SEO, promo, and share.
  3. Click Continue.

Brightspot publishes the asset using the overrides.

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