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Deleting a revision or a draft

You can delete drafts and revisions as follows:

  • Deleting drafts—When you start a new asset, every time you click save, Brightspot creates a new draft. You can delete any draft.
  • Deleting revisions—When you start a new revision, and every time you click save while working on the revision, Brightspot saves a draft of the revision. You can delete any draft of a revision.

The drafts and revisions you can delete appear with a yellow circle in the Revisions widget.

Deletable drafts and revisions

    Drafts and revisions you cannot delete include the following:

    • A draft that entered a workflow.
    • A draft that was published.
    • A revision that entered a workflow.
    • A revision that was published.

    To delete a draft or revision:

    1. Search for and open the asset in the content edit page.
    2. In the Revisions widget, select a draft or revision you want to delete.
    3. Click more_horiz > Delete Permanently or Delete Revision.
    4. In the confirmation prompt, click OK.
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