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Configuring SEO for an asset

You can help search engines better index your site by providing SEO settings for each asset you publish.

To configure an asset’s SEO settings:

  1. Search for and open the asset to which you want to configure SEO settings.
  2. Click the SEO tab.
  3. Using the following table as a reference, complete the fields as needed.
  4. Complete your site's workflow and publish the asset.
Title Text appearing in the asset's <title> tag. Brightspot automatically populates this field, and you can change the text as required.
Suppress SEO Display Name If toggled on, your site's name appears in the <title> tag and subsequently in the search results. In the following illustration, the site name Brightspot appears in the search result.
Site name in search result
Site name in search result
Description Text appearing in the asset's <meta name="description">tag. Brightspot automatically populates this field, and you can change the text as required.
Robots Text appearing in the item’s tag.

For an explanation of the available options, see Robots Meta Directives.
Focus Keyword Enter a keyword appearing in the Title or Description fields.Brightspot displays an analysis of the keyword in the Focus Keyword Density field.
Focus Keyword Density Indicates the number of times the Title and Description fields contain the Focus Keyword as a percentage. For example—
  • The focus word is content.
  • There are 50 words in the Title and Description fields combined.
  • content appears only once in both fields.

In this scenario, the focus keyword density is (1 ÷ 50) × 100 = 2.00.
As a best practice, use a focus keyword in your Title and Description fields that have a density of 3.00 or greater.

Computing keyword densities requires toggling off Disable SEO Recommendations.

Disable SEO Recommendations Toggle on to disable computation of density values for a word you type in the Focus Keyword field.
AMP Disabled Toggle on to disable generation of an AMP version of this asset.
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