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Preventing overwrites with locking

In a collaborative environment, many editors may be working simultaneously on the same asset, which opens the possibility of one editor overwriting the edits of another editor. To prevent conflicting edits, Brightspot locks content in one of two ways:

  • Content locking locks content at the asset level. When the first editor (locking editor) opens an asset in the content edit form, all fields are locked to any other editors until the asset is released by the locking editor.
  • Field-level locking locks only the fields modified by an editor, allowing other editors to modify other fields in the content edit form. The editor who locks a field first is the locking editor, preventing other editors from accessing the field. For example, Andy, Alice, and Arthur are working simultaneously on the same article.



    Andy is modifying the headline Headline field is locked to Alice and Arthur
    Alice is modifying the image Image field is locked to Andy and Arthur
    Arthur is modifying tags Tags field is locked to Andy and Alice
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