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Redirecting from an archived asset

After archiving an asset, you often want to ensure visitors who bookmarked the archived asset are redirected to a replacement asset. Because Brightspot ensures that there are no duplicate paths in a site, you must first delete the permalink of the asset you want to archive before configuring the redirect. This frees up the asset's URL slug to be added as a redirect on the replacement asset.

To redirect from an archived asset:

  1. Search for and open the asset you want to archive.
  2. In the URLs widget, copy the asset's permalink to your clipboard (for example, /brightspots-authoring-tools-were-built-for-collaboration).
    URLs widget with existing permalink.png URLs widget with existing permalink.png
  3. Next to the asset's permalink, click remove. Repeat for any additional permalinks.
  4. Click Publish.
  5. Next to the Publish button, click more_horiz, then click Archive.
  6. Search for and open the destination asset to which you want to redirect the asset you archived in step 5.
  7. In the URLs widget, click add_circle_outline Add URL.
  8. In the text field, paste the copied permalink from the archived asset.
  9. Underneath the text field, select the site to which the permalink is associated. If the destination asset belongs to the same site as the archived asset, retain the default.
  10. Select the kind of redirect you want:
    • Alias—Adds an additional URL for an asset. For details, see Asset URLs.
    • Redirect (Permanent)—Adds a 301 redirect to the current asset. For details, see Asset URLs.
    • Redirect (Temporary)—Adds a 302 redirect to current asset. For details, see Asset URLs.
  11. Complete your site's workflow and publish the asset.
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