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Specifying a location

A location is a latitude-longitude coordinate on a map. For example, 40.6892, -74.0445 is the location for the Statue of Liberty. A marker is a symbol pointing to a location on a map. Markers are typically an inverted teardrop location_on, and give readers a quick indication of where a store or place of interest is located.

To add marker to a location:

  1. Pan and zoom the map to where you want to place the marker.
  2. In the Location field, click my_location.
  3. Click on the map. (Depending on your browser, you may need to grant location access to your browser.)

Brightspot places a marker where you clicked.

Marker on a location Marker on a location

To move a marker to a new location:

  • Click and drag the marker.

To delete a marker:

  • Click the marker, then click close.
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