Rich-text editor

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Brightspot's rich-text editor provides tools for formatting text (such as boldface or italics), inserting images, videos, and hyperlinks, and many other features available in traditional word processors.

Rich-text editor overview

Brightspot's rich-text editor comes with a number of tools to create content. The table below provides an example of a rich-text editor in Brightspot. Your implementation may vary as far as what is included.

Rich-text editor toolbar

  • Formatting: Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, Superscript, Subscript
  • Alignments: Left, Center, Right
  • Lists and Indentation: Bulleted lists, Numbered lists, Left Indent, Right Indent
  • Hyperlinks: Internal, External
  • Block quotes
  • Headings
  • Pull quotes
  • Attachments
  • Media: Image, Gallery, Video, Playlist, Module, Embed
  • Tables
  • Unicode keyboard
  • Track changes mode
  • Comment mode
  • Undo and redo
  • Find and replace mode
  • Full-screen

Formatting text in the rich-text editor

To format text in the rich-text editor:

  1. Enter or select the text to be formatted
  2. Click desired formatting from the toolbar:
    1. Bold
    2. Italics
    3. Underline
    4. Strikethrough
    5. Superscript
    6. Subscript
  3. Click Save.
Formatting in RTE.png

Positioning enhancements in the rich-text editor

To move enhancements:

Use one of the following methods to move enhancements to a different position within the rich-text editor:

  • Cut and paste the enhancement.
  • Click the enhancement to display the editing toolbar, and then click one of the buttons described in the following table.
arrow_upwardMoves the enhancement up one paragraph.
arrow_downwardMoves the enhancement down one paragraph.
open_withTurns on drag-and-drop. After clicking the button, move the mouse to the new position, and then click open_with to place the enhancement.

Enhancement locks in the rich-text editor

When you are editing an enhancement inside the rich-text editor, such as an image or video, the enhancement is locked and other editors cannot modify it.

Track changes in the rich-text editor

The rich-text editor provides tools for managing changes and comments.

To view changes:

  • Changes can be viewed in the rich-text editor.
  • Changes can be viewed in full-screen mode by clicking fullscreen.
    Changes in RTE.png
    Changes shown in the rich-text editor with the full-screen icon highlighted

To turn on or turn off track changes:

  • On the toolbar, toggle on Track Changes to view the track-changes toolbar.
  • To remove the track-changes toolbar from view, toggle off Track Changes.
Toggle Track Changes on.png
Track Changes toggled on with updated toolbar highlighted

To accept or reject tracked changes:

To accept or reject one change, do one of the following:

  • In normal mode, select the change, and click Accept Changes or Reject Changes on the track-changes toolbar.
  • In full-screen mode, click the change in the right pane to select that change, then click check or cancel to accept or reject that change.
    Full screen accept or reject changes.png
    Accept or reject changes icons in full-screen mode
  • To accept or reject all changes, click Accept All or Reject All on the track-changes toolbar (see the illustration "Track-changes toolbar"). The number next to Accept All and Reject All indicates the number of changes.

To preview tracked changes:

You can preview the result of accepting all tracked changes.

To preview tracked changes:

  • On the track changes toolbar, toggle Preview to on.

Commenting in the rich-text editor

To add comments:

  1. Position the cursor where you want to place the comment. Ensure no text is selected.
  2. On the toolbar, click comment.
  3. Begin typing your comment.

To delete comments:

  1. Click inside or select the comment.
  2. On the toolbar, click close.

To respond to comments:
You can respond to an editor’s comments, a feature common in many word-processing applications.

  1. Enter full-screen mode by clicking fullscreen. All comments and tracked changes appear in the right rail.
  2. Click replyfor the comment to which you want to reply, and add your response.
  3. Delete a response by clicking cancel.

To show or hide comments:

  • On the toolbar, click more_horiz.

Adding characters to the rich-text editor's virtual keyboard

Brightspot’s virtual keyboard includes special characters not included in most keyboard layouts. You can add additional characters to the virtual keyboard.

To add characters to the virtual keyboard:

  1. Click menu > Admin > Sites & Settings
  2. In the Sites widget, select Global. The Edit Global widget appears.
  3. Under CMS, expand Advanced.
  4. In the Extra Java Script field, add an array RTE_UNICODE similar to the following example.
    Virtual keyboard unicode array

    The numbers 2013 and 2014 are hexadecimal Unicode values for the character. For a full listing of Unicode values, see Unicode 13.0 Character Code Charts.
  5. Click Save.
  6. To ensure Brightspot displays the new characters, advise editors to clear their browser’s cache.

Rich-text editor keyboard shortcuts

The following table lists some of the keyboard shortcuts available in the editing area. (Your version of Brightspot may have different keyboard shortcuts.)

ActionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)Shortcut (Linux)
Select all.Ctrl-A⌘-ACtrl-A
Select one character to the right.Shift-Right⇧-RightShift-Right
Select one character to the left.Shift-Left⇧-LeftShift-Left
Select to the end of line.Shift-End⇧-Ctrl-RightShift-End
Select to beginning of line.Shift-Home⇧-Ctrl-LeftShift-Home
Select one line down.Shift-Down⇧-DownShift-Down
Select one line up.Shift-Up⇧-UpShift-Up
Select to end of editing area.Shift-Ctrl-End⇧-⌘-DownShift-Ctrl-End
Select to beginning of editing area.Shift-Ctrl-Home⇧-⌘-UpShift-Ctrl-Home
Select next word.Shift-Ctrl-Right⇧-⌥-RightShift-Ctrl-Right
Select previous word.Shift-Ctrl-Left⇧-⌥-LeftShift-Ctrl-Left
Select one page down.Shift-PageDown⇧-PageDown, ⇧-Fn-Down
Select one page up.Shift-PageUp⇧-PageUp, ⇧-Fn-Up
Move cursor up.UpUp, Ctrl-PUp
Move cursor down.DownDown, Ctrl-NDown
Move cursor left.LeftLeft, Ctrl-BLeft
Move cursor right.RightRight, Ctrl-FRight
Move to beginning of paragraph.Ctrl-A
Move to end of paragraph.Ctrl-E
Move cursor one word to left.Ctrl-Left⌥-LeftCtrl-Left
Move cursor one word to right.Ctrl-Right⌥-RightCtrl-Right
Move cursor to beginning of editing area.Ctrl-Home⌘-UpCtrl-Home
Move cursor to end of editing area.Ctrl-End⌘-DownCtrl-End
Move cursor to end of line.End⌘-RightEnd
Move cursor to beginning of line.Home⌘-LeftHome
Scroll down one page.PageDownPageDown, Fn-Down
Scroll up one page.PageUpPageUp, Fn-Up
Delete beginning of line.⌘-DeleteCtrl-Shift-Backspace
Delete to end of line.Ctrl-Shift-Delete
Delete to the left.BackspaceDeleteBackspace
Delete to the right.DeleteCtrl-DDelete
Delete word to right.Ctrl-DeleteCtrl-Delete
Delete word to left.Ctrl-BackspaceCtrl-Backspace
Paragraph alignment
Text Formatting
Clear character formattingCtrl-Space⌘-\Ctrl-Space
Demote list levelCtrl-]Ctrl-]
Promote list levelCtrl-[Ctrl-[
Finds in editing areaCtrl-F⌘-FCtrl-F
Type raw HTMLCtrl-Shift-CCtrl-⇧-CCtrl-Shift-C
Show keyboard with special charactersCtrl-Shift-K⌘-⇧-KCtrl-Shift-K
Pull quoteCtrl-Shift-QCtrl-Shift-Q
Toggle comment insertionCtrl-Shift-′Ctrl-⇧-′Ctrl-Shift-′