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Understanding chapters

With chapters, you can add or remove topics from your book as well as organize your table of contents into the desired order.

chapters_field_within_book.png chapters_field_within_book.png
The Chapters field within a book

The Chapters field provides information about your book and its included content, such as:

  • Displaying the total number of topics contained in the book. In the image above, there are seven topics in this book.
  • Showing any duplicate topics found in the book and their location.
  • Showing a list of chapters and the number of topics contained in each. For instance, the Getting started chapter above has 4 topics.

Each chapter listed in the Chapters field has a set of controls to help you manage the table of contents.

  • Clicking the name of the chapter expands it to show its details and all of the topics contained within.
  • Clicking more_horiz next to a chapter gives you the option to make a copy of that chapter, and to convert it to a shared or inline chapter.
  • Clicking low_priority allows you to drag and drop the chapter into a new place within the list of chapters.
  • Clicking remove next to a chapter removes that chapter from the book. If it is an inline chapter, it is deleted from Brightspot. If it is a shared chapter, it still exists and can be used in other books.

As you expand a chapter, you see all of the fields and sub-chapters associated with that chapter.

Chapter field expanded Chapter field expanded
Chapter field expanded

When a chapter is expanded, you see many of the same controls listed above for the parent chapter; however, there are a couple of additional controls available to you at the sub-chapter level.

  • Clicking unfold_more expands all of the sub-chapters within the chapter to see associated details.
  • Clicking add_circle_outline allows you to add another sub-chapter.

From the Chapters field, you can arrange the order of your table of contents as necessary. See Organizing the table of contents for more information.

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