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Container module

A container is a grid layout of the other components described in this section. Container modules can support up to four columns and are helpful for neatly displaying other modules for easy digestion by your audience.

To create a container:

  1. In the header, click add.
  2. From the Create list, select one of the following:
    • Container Module - 1 column
    • Container Module - 2 column
    • Container Module - 3 column
    • Container Module - 4 column
  3. Using the following table as a reference, complete the fields as needed.
  4. Complete your site's workflow and publish the container module.
Internal Name
Enter an internal name for this asset. Brightspot uses this name internally, such as in the search panel and recent activity widget. This name is not visible to visitors to your site.
Enter a title. This title is not visible to the visitors to your site.
Enter a description. This description is not visible to visitors to your site.
Column One

Click add_circle_outline and select the type of module you want to add to the first column in your container.

Based on your module choice, complete the required fields (at a minimum) for that module. Please refer to the help topic for the module type you choose for more information.

You can stack multiple modules in each column. Repeat this process for each module you want stacked in this column.

The table above only shows the fields for a Container - 1 column module. You will have additional column fields that correspond to the number of columns you selected for your container module. For example, if you selected Container - 3 column, you will have Column One, Column Two and Column Three fields that all need to have module types selected and completed.

The following illustration shows how Brightspot renders a container module. The example below is a Container - 2 column module with a person list module and an author list module.

Two column container example.jpg
Container - 2 column example
Preview your container module to ensure the modules you select display properly in the various column layouts.

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