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Understanding the relationship between a promo and its asset

As editors publish assets, they often want to promote those assets within other assets. For example, it is common for an article to have a list of related articles. Those related articles are promos (promotions).

Promo example Promo example

When you create an asset, Brightspot automatically prepares the text for the asset's promo with the following logic:

  • Promo title taken from asset's title.
  • Promo description taken from first paragraph in asset's body text.
  • Promo image taken from asset's lead image or video.

You can view the prepared text under Page Promo Overrides in the content edit form's Overrides tab.

Default promo Default promo
Default promo

When you add an asset in a list, container, or other module, you are creating a promo. The promo contains the associated title, description, and image. The promo also includes a link to the actual asset.

You may find that a promo's default description or image does not match the context in which they are used. For example, in the previous illustration, the description does not add much to the headline. You can change the title, description, or image to create a better "teaser" that encourages the visitor to click on the promo's link.

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