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Explanation of tag hierarchies

A political publication, for example, can have several tags grouped under Issues, one of which is Transportation. If your publication publishes five or 10 items a year in the category of transportation, then a single tag is sufficient for all of them; a visitor can easily scan the list of publications associated with Transportation and find the one of interest.

However, suppose you have a high-volume site that publishes a dozen items every day pertaining transportation. A visitor looking at the tag page Transportation will find hundreds of matching items with little chance of finding the desired item. In this scenario, you can help your visitors by providing more specific tags, such as different modes of transportation. To better manage large numbers of tags, you can organize them into a hierarchy.

Example of a tag heirarchy.png

Tag hierarchy

Referring to the previous diagram—

  • Issues is a parent tag of Education, Transportation, and Foreign Relations.
  • Transportation is a parent tag of Railroads, Airports, and Highways.

If you associate a parent tag with an item, Brightspot does not automatically assign the children tags.

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Viewing a tag hierarchy
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