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Viewing an image’s information

You can view information about an image, such as its metadata, color composition, and textual descriptions.

To view an image’s information:

  1. Search for and open the image.
  2. Above the image, click more_horiz.
    Displaying image information Displaying image information
    Displaying image information
  3. Click one of the menu items described in the following table.

Menu item
Source Data Displays metadata, such as original height and width, resolution, and date taken. The available metadata depends on the device or application that created the image.
Resized Images Displays a list of possible sizes and crops Brightspot applies to the image in published content.
Recognition Results Displays the terms discovered in the image by a recognition service. (This feature is available if your version of Brightspot is integrated with a recognition service.)
Original Image Displays the original image as it was added to Brightspot.

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