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Creating companion content for audio or video

Companion content is an asset associated with a video or audio. Brightspot cues the visitor to view the companion content at a specific time during the media's playback.

Companion Content Explanation.png Companion Content Explanation.png

Cues for companion content appear differently depending on your version of Brightspot. For example, they can appear in a right or left rail, “fly in” during the media’s playback, or as markers in the progress bar.

To create companion content:

  1. In the content edit form of an audio or video, click more_horiz > Companion Content.
  2. Click add_circle_outline. A Timed Companion form appears.

    Companion Content configuration.png Companion Content configuration.png

  3. In the Companion field, click search. A content picker appears.
  4. Search for and select the companion content.
  5. Close the content picker. You return to the form with an entry for each of your selections.
  6. In the Timestamp field for each entry, enter the time stamp in hh:mm:ss format at which the cue appears.
  7. Complete your site's workflow and publish the media.
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