Migration made easy

In under 100 days, you can smoothly migrate and establish your own content experience on Brightspot. From delivery and development to creative expertise, our delivery and services teams are equipped to handle even the most complex migrations. We can oversee every detail, ensuring you peace of mind.

Migrate in six steps

For even the most complex migrations, our expert team's guidance and approach is a proven path to success.
Number one
Data source identifications
We determine where your assets and data are coming from, as well as analyze their volume to assess what’s coming into Brightspot (i.e., images, videos, text assets, PDFs, audio). We also fully comprehend the metadata structure of each incoming asset.
Number two
Field mapping and transformation logic
This is where we understand your incoming asset schemas, and map them to our Brightspot content models. There will be deltas here, and our team works with you to identify them, determining how to solve them. At the end of this step, we are ready to run our first migration of assets into Brightspot.
Number three
Migration code development
Starting from our standard migration scripts, we identify unit and system test migration scripts, and update our data models in Brightspot as necessary.
Number four
Migration iterations
At this point, we will sequence and execute our migration code on the assets and data for migration. We will work with your team to validate the data that is being migrated and make any necessary adjustments.
Number five
Final migration
We assess all previous migration iterations, and run the final migration with an updated volume to your live Brightspot instance.
Number six
Going live
All hosting and security tests are passed, and you're now ready to go live with your content.

Solutions for your business

Get up and running in as little as 100 days to keep your audiences engaged.
Get the right messages to the right customers at the right time.
Productively converse, capture, curate and circulate your knowledge assets easily.
Our collaborative spirit spans a wide network of solution providers and agency partners. With Brightspot CMS as the foundation, we strive to deliver specialized expertise and services tailored to our valued customers' unique needs.

Migrate in a flash

faster migration with Brightspot than leading competitors
days from project launch to kick-off
days to migrate
We had just two months to launch a new site that improved the overall positioning of our capabilities while delivering increased conversions for patients seeking care and maintaining a significant SEO footprint.
Chief Growth Officer

Migration resources

Download this e-book for a step-by-step guide for rapid go-to-market transformation with a single-site or multisite launch.
It’s clear that the digital experience is one of the most critical factors—if not the most critical factor—that will define businesses’ success immediately and into the future. Learn more here.
With Brightspot as its back end, Televisa today manages nine sites—eight of which are headless—from one CMS. Find out how it works.
Navigate the CMS selection maze by first understanding the unique content needs of your business. Just because your competitors are doing one thing doesn't mean you should follow.

More services to help you thrive

Brightspot manages updates, upgrades, security patches, storage, bandwidth and more, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional experiences for your customers.
Our team of professionals guide customers through product, design and content strategy to guarantee cohesive digital experiences to empower your business.

Fast-forward your transformation

Accelerate your content strategy and launch an impeccably branded experience in less than 100 days. Brightspot is the catalyst content teams use to quickly build and fire up an unstoppable content engine.

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