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Brightspot’s decoupled architecture empowers developers with the flexibility to choose and optimize front-end technologies, fostering scalability with a future-proof architecture. Seamlessly deliver content across various channels and devices via integrations and APIs, promoting agile development and simplifying content authoring workflows.

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Features to achieve faster and more flexible content delivery

Brightspot's robust Design System is created for versatility. Modify, expand or wholly personalize the presentation layer, with or without the need for coding. This ensures your digital experiences resonate with your brand and can evolve with your business.
Choose from our collection of more than 100 ready-to-use content types and designs, customize them to your exact needs or easily create your own content types in our editorial interface—no code required. Our content types and modules prioritize reusability so your team can move faster. This facilitates duplication of content elements, crafting templates for frequent content setups and establishing consistent shared images or modules to maintain uniformity across various sites, pages or assets.
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Content management & delivery via API
Brightspot's platform is your ultimate toolkit for data management, content creation and delivery. This includes the ability to quickly create REST or GraphQL API endpoints to support seamless content management, delivery and multi-channel distribution.
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Intuitive and customizable user experience
Personalize the user experience according to your team’s preferences, permissions and roles. Ensure that you stay focused on the tasks that matter most, reducing the risk of mistakes and enhancing productivity.
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Enhanced versioning and editing oversight
Secure your assets with editing controls and use in-context tracked modifications or detailed version histories for all your content. This guarantees inadvertent errors are kept to a minimum during the editing and publication processes.
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Collaborative platform tools
Our in-system chat enables real-time conversations within the CMS, complemented by inline editing and change tracking. If you're on-the-go, CMS alerts can be sent directly to your device, through out-of-the-box integrations with Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Flexible architecture to scale with you

Select the architecture that aligns with your business needs, enabling you to effortlessly deliver content to any endpoint. Then, evolve as your strategy changes over time, knowing you have the flexibility to modify your back end to suit your team’s specific needs.
Brightspot CMS provides the most flexible architecture for developers and content creators to create compelling headless experiences.
Whether you prefer headless, decoupled or a blend of both, Brightspot’s hybrid-based flexibility allows you to tailor your implementations for each project while operating within one unified CMS environment.
Brightspot’s Developer Portal is a robust resource that empowers customers and partners to develop faster and collaborate, innovate and efficiently deliver exceptional experiences using Brightspot.

Decoupled CMS success stories

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