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Brightspot internships

We know that choosing an internship or your first job is an important and difficult decision. Since our founding in 2008, we have worked to make Brightspot a great place for interns and recent graduates to start their careers by empowering them to contribute on day one, providing them with dedicated mentors to help them learn, and challenging them with complex problems.

In my opinion, college recruiting is the foundation of building an excellent company. At Brightspot, we rely on young, smart individuals to inject new viewpoints, curious intellect, and boundless energy to keep us competitive in the ever-changing technology landscape. Through our college recruiting efforts, we have expanded both our diversity and our capabilities by welcoming and cultivating the next generation of top-tier engineering, product, and design talent. We want you to join Brightspot and know that you will play a vital role in helping us fulfill our potential in the years to come.
Image of Brightspot founder and CEO, David Gang
David Gang, Co-Founder, President and Chief Customer Officer, Brightspot

Brightspot summer internship program

If you start your career at Brightspot, you won't be alone. Over 30% of our employees are in their first jobs after graduation. Coming to Brightspot, you'll build a network of talented peers and develop a rich portfolio of experiences that will set you up for a brighter future.
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About the program

Our 11-week summer internship program provides a unique learning opportunity for rising seniors to work on real-world assignments that expand far beyond their textbook learning. With dedicated mentors, interns are trusted to work on high-profile customer projects that allow them to learn the ins and outs of the software development lifecycle. Over the years, these projects have included building a custom email to CMS integration for a major media customer, a federated search integration with Giphy, and custom enhancements for a Fortune 100 company's digital asset management system.

Our aim, however, is to provide interns with a complete picture of everything we do at Brightspot. Beyond their projects, interns attend weekly lunch and learns with company leaders to provide interns with valuable insights into various fields ranging from user experience to marketing and demos on how Brightspot is being used by companies around the globe. Since the internship program's founding in 2014, over 90% of rising seniors have received full-time offers to return to Brightspot after graduation.

Everyone at Brightspot will go out of their way to make sure you succeed and accomplish your goals. During my internship, I learned new technologies, gained experience working on a team, and even developed an exciting new feature for Brightspot.
Nick Halvorsen
Nick Halvorsen, James Madison University
Our recruiting team regularly hits the road virtually as well as in person at various college career fairs each spring and fall. We are looking for bright and dedicated individuals to join our team as full-time and intern Software Engineers, Product Managers, Quality Assurance Engineers, and DevOps engineers. Check back here soon to see when we will be on your campus. In the meantime, visit our Careers page to learn more about working and Brightspot and drop us a line if you'd like more details.


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