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Brightspot named as one of the nation's Top Workplaces by The Washington Post

Brightspot is recognized as one of the nation's top workplaces by The Washington Post

The annual award is determined solely by employee feedback gathered in an anonymous survey by an outside market research firm. Brightspot stands out for its commitment to a supportive work environment, professional growth and community involvement.

Brightspot is proud to announce it has been named one of The Washington Post’s 2024 Top Workplaces. Selection is based solely on employee feedback gathered through an anonymous third-party survey administered by research partner Energage, LLC, which measured several aspects of workplace culture, including alignment, execution and connection. This year’s honorees include technology companies, government contractors, real estate firms and financial service providers.

In hearing from our employees about why they love working at Brightspot, a number of key themes echoed throughout the survey feedback. Namely, Brightspot’s competitive compensation levels and benefits package; a commitment to ensuring employees enjoy a healthy work-life balance; work that motivates with a focus on innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction; and a company culture built around purposeful partnership and dedication to giving back to the communities around us.

To help further shine a light on what makes Brightspot such a special place to work, we interviewed a number of colleagues throughout the company to hear what being named one of The Washington Post’s 2024 Top Workplaces means to them.

Brightspot employee Miles de Feyter during on-camera interview
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Employee insights: Life at Brightspot

Brightspot thrives on a collaborative and supportive environment

Our employees regularly emphasize the collaborative nature of the workplace, a place where teamwork and mutual support are integral to the company culture. They feel they are never alone and can always rely on their colleagues for assistance. From day one, working at Brightspot means doors that are always open, dedicated and experienced colleagues who are always ready to lend a hand or share an idea, and a sense of belonging to a community that cares about the work we do — and the people behind that work.

Brightspot feels like a big company with the perks that come with it, but also maintains a small company feel where you know everyone and can easily reach out for help.
Kyle Sigmund, Director, Financial Planning & Analysis
Kyle Sigmund, Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

Learning opportunities abound to grow your career at Brightspot

Brightspot employees value the educational aspect of their jobs, highlighting opportunities for professional and personal growth. Across myriad projects for customers spread across the globe, all of our interviewees spoke to the challenging nature of the work, which pushes them to learn and improve continuously. Brightspot team members often speak about being tasked with leadership opportunities early in their careers.

The work here is challenging and fun. We solve hard problems on behalf of demanding customers and everyone is always willing to help, making it a collaborative and innovative environment.
James Clark headshot
James Clark, VP Product & Platform

A positive and enjoyable workplace brings out the best in all of us

Let’s face it, work doesn’t just have to be work. Whether it’s in-office, virtual or a mix of the two, the work experience is characterized among our interviewees as fun, energetic and friendly. They enjoy working alongside their colleagues, creating an atmosphere that’s positive and motivating. We find time to relax, too, with social activities both during and outside the workday helping us stay healthy, happy and connected.

Brightspot is a people-first organization invested in making a positive impact not just for our customers but also for our employees. The culture here is driven by the wonderful people who work here.
Shreya Khadka, Security Engineer
Shreya Khadka, Security Engineer

A commitment to community and giving back is part of our DNA

Brightspot’s supportive workplace culture extends to caring for — and participating with — the communities in which we live. Mission and culture activities occur throughout the year and across our regional hubs to support local groups and charitable organizations through countless volunteer hours, donations and employee advocacy. Employees are encouraged to get off the sidelines and get involved, sharing their smiles, expertise and support.

One of the most rewarding aspects is the opportunity to do mission work, from Special Olympics to working with veterans and local schools. The company culture is warm, inviting and inclusive.
Brightspot employee Julia Heflin with her dog
Julia Heflin, Finance Controller

We thrive as a team with a flexible and healthy work-life balance

With the average employee tenure extending over four years, we are proud that Brightspot is a place where our colleagues can nurture their careers over a long period. Among the benefits — and beyond the engaging work — we heard from staff whom we interviewed that flexibility is key in balancing competing demands. Whether it's a major life-changing moment or the day-to-day juggling of home and work responsibilities, Brightspot is a place that cares beyond just pulling a paycheck.

Over the past 15 years, I've gone from zero kids to three, and Brightspot has always supported both my personal and family needs, ensuring a good work-life balance.
Miles De Feyter
Miles De Feyter, Director, Customer Engagements

An innovative and fast-paced cultures drives us to bring our A-game every day — and to every engagement

No two days are quite the same when it comes to being a “Brightspotter”. With work that’s innovative and exciting, delivered in a fast-paced, always-on environment, employees come to work engaged and ready to solve the next puzzle put in front of them. Brightspot supports hundreds of high-profile clients and projects, contributing to a dynamic and stimulating workplace.

Every project is different, and I keep learning new things about what Brightspot can do. The environment is constantly evolving, which keeps things exciting.
Becky Allen, Principal Product Manager
Becky Allen, Principal Product Manager

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