image of Brightspot CTO Hyoo Lim

Hyoo Lim

Chief Technology Officer

Hyoo joined Brightspot in 2010 where he created the Dari Framework and the Brightspot platform. As Chief Technology Officer, Hyoo leads the architecture and development of Brightspot CMS and helped create new products such as Brightspot Assignment Desk and Media Desk. Hyoo also consults with our customers on their tailored implementations and custom needs.

Prior to Brightspot, Hyoo worked at AOL where he led the engineering team that built the Content Management System that powered, AOL News and AOL Sports, delivering billions of page views to consumers every month. He also architected the real-time metrics system that tracked page views and clicks throughout the sites.

Prior to AOL, Hyoo built the e-commerce, inventory management, and shipping systems for a mass-market consumer product company featured on Oprah. Prior to that, he worked for a video production company where he managed the encoding of archived video footage, and the distribution of those videos on the Web.

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