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On the Record with Rose: Dylan Gang

image of Brightspot employee Dylan Gang

Dylan has been working for Brightspot since September 2011.

This week, Rose went on the record with Dylan Gang, a user experience designer at Brightspot, formerly Perfect Sense. Dylan has worked on high profile projects for Johnson & Johnson, Marriott, Monumental Sports, and Drive, Chip and Putt. Additionally, he has played a central role in designing new features and functionality for Brightspot. During their talk, Dylan, who has been at Brightspot for over 5 years, provided unique insights on new trends in web design, details about his favorite design project, and explaining why designers sometimes need to leave their personal opinions at the door.

How long have you been working for Brightspot? What brought you here?
I have been at Brightspot for 5 years and a couple months. I started here because I wanted to try a new career path. I liked design, and thought it would be fun to see what design was like in the web industry. I had a previous internship with Lisa Beaudoin, so I was familiar with her as a boss, and decided to give it a try.

How has user experience design changed since you started at Brightspot? What are some new trends you're seeing?
Screens have become wider and less expensive, so many more people are using larger screens at home, but also using phones and tablets of all different sizes on the move. As designers, we need to be aware of these different variations and sizes, and considerate of people viewing our product on either a small phone or large desktop. Because of this, our designs have to be flexible to support both. Also, because of these new, wide screens, we've started using the extra space on the sides for navigation and other widgets that were traditionally displayed elsewhere.

What has been your favorite design project and why?
I think Johnson & Johnson was a very pretty fun project overall. We enjoy working together, which ultimately produced a great looking product.

How do you think Brightspot best benefits our clients?
Brightspot's flexibility is most important. The fact that is changes based on the client's business and language, adapting to whatever they need it to be, is what sets Brightspot apart and provides it greatest value to our clients.

What inspired you to purse a career in UX design?
I like art and enjoy design work. Pursuing a career in user experience design was an opportunity to apply my artistic skills and design background to the web world.

What piece of advice would you give a recent graduate preparing to start his/her career in UX?
In order to be really successful, you have to put your own personal opinions to the side. Instead, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the client and try to think like them. You might not agree with what they do, but it might work best for them. It's about what they need, not your personal tastes.

When you're designing a website from scratch where do you find inspiration?
I just like to grab my notebook or any paper that's available and just doodle ideas to start.

Besides the people, what is your part about working for Brightspot? What is your favorite part about our new office?
I like the variety of the work we do and how it's always different businesses and projects, and which forces us think to think differently and keeps the work fun.My favorite part of the new office is the color with the blues and the reds. Also, the lower cubes make it more open, which allows for more conversations and creates more energy.

What was the last movie you saw?

If you could have any super power, which would you like to have?
I think I'd like to fly.

What are your favorite activities or hobbies?
I like to play video games and build things

Rose Pleskow Brightspot employee
About the Author
Rose Pleskow has been working at Brightspot since 2011 as a content and quality assurance specialist. In addition to writing employee profiles, Rose has played a critical role on a variety of client projects with her keen eye for detail and Brightspot publishing expertise. She has contributed to the launch of various projects ranging from SpecialOlympics.org to Amazon Science and Healthgrades.


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