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On the Record with Rose: Jenny Daly

image of Brightspot employee Jenny Daly

Jenny has been working for Brightspot since January 2010.

This week, Rose went on the record with Jenny Daly, a principal visual designer and one of the longest-tenured employees for Brightspot, formerly Perfect Sense. Jenny has led the visual design efforts on a number of projects including Healthgrades, Special Olympics, LA2015 World Games, and Walmart among many others. During their conversation, Rose and Jenny touched on the changes in web design over the past decade, time travel, and the joy of exposing children to the world of art.

How long have you been working for Brightspot?
I have been here for seven years.

Where did you work prior to Brightspot?
I worked for AOL, and I was there for about 12 years. Before AOL, I worked at a small computer consulting company in Bethesda, MD, where I designed Interactive touchscreen kiosk displays. I designed kiosks for the National Zoo, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the Newseum.

How did you find out about Brightspot?
I worked closely with Lisa at AOL, and when she and David started Brightspot, she called me to ask if I would be interested in doing some part-time work. I had recently left AOL to stay home with my boys - Will was just a baby at the time - but I was excited about the opportunity to work with Lisa and David again. I started out working from home in the evenings after the kids went to bed. Over the years, I increased my hours (and started coming into the office!) and here I am today.

How has web design changed over the past 5-10 years?
For desktop, everything has gotten bigger - bigger pages, bigger images, and more immersive experiences. In the past, we were much more conscientious about file size and how long it would take a page to load. While we still design as efficiently as possible, we are now able to use larger images because of better internet speed. Another change in web design is the focus on mobile. Ten years ago, we weren't thinking about mobile experiences. But now, we often think about mobile first and desktop second.

What is your favorite design project and why?
My favorite project was LA2015. Before that project I was working primarily on Healthgrades and other health-related experiences. While they were certainly interesting projects, it was really fun to do something different - like use hot pink, lime green, turquoise, and purple instead of blue and gray.

What is your favorite part about working for Brightspot?
The people. I know everyone says that, but it truly is my favorite thing. There are so many smart, motivated people here, and I love working together in teams to come up with great experiences.

Where did you attend college?
I went to James Madison University where I majored in Art and minored in Art History. My concentration was Painting and Drawing. I didn't learn Photoshop until after I graduated!

What is the last book you read?
I just finished reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret with my younger son, Will.

Where would you go in a time machine?
I would go to the future. I am so curious about what will happen to our planet, and if humans will still be able to live here in the future. Maybe we will be able to live on Mars?

What are your favorite activities or hobbies?
Outside of I work, I spend (almost) all of my time with my kids and their activities. I like to volunteer at their school. One of my favorite things is teaching an art class once a month. I love how excited all of the kids are to learn about famous artists and do their own masterpieces.

Rose Pleskow Brightspot employee
About the Author
Rose Pleskow has been working at Brightspot since 2011 as a content and quality assurance specialist. In addition to writing employee profiles, Rose has played a critical role on a variety of client projects with her keen eye for detail and Brightspot publishing expertise. She has contributed to the launch of various projects ranging from SpecialOlympics.org to Amazon Science and Healthgrades.


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